We’re Not High Society, But We Are THE Society.

Society 204 was formed with the intention of helping people find productivity outside of their home office & the coffee shop by uniting them together in a community of small businesses, entrepreneurs, & remote workers.


A society can enable its members to benefit in ways that would otherwise be difficult on an individual basis. At Society 204: A Coworking Community, we provide a collaborative community where businesses of all sizes feel welcome and find a productive atmosphere.

Whether you are seeking a private office lease, a coworking membership, or a vibrant space to network and elevate your business savvy, Society 204 is dedicated to fulfilling all of your professional needs in one of the Rio Grande Valley’s historic buildings boasting pristine offices and open work spaces.

Situated in the heart of Edinburg’s historic downtown district, our space is ready to accommodate your business. With a creative blending of 21st Century amenities and 20th Century charm, there’s a unique vibe here that only we can provide.